Bemis 500EC000 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

Have you ever tried to use the toilet with a proper toilet seat? It feels down right wrong, is just doesn’t seem as if it’s the way you should be handling yourself in the bathroom. If you’re anything like me, you always want to have a pretty good experience when you squat over that bad boy. Toilets aren’t always going to co-operate with their users, but toilet seats leave very little to complain about. If you get one that’s padded, you just might be going overboard – as nobody should plan on spending their entire days on the toilet.

Finding a high quality toilet seat doesn’t have to be the toughest thing you’ve ever gone through. As a matter of fact, it should actually be something that’s relatively easy to handle. If you want to change to a new one, this very well could be the specific product that you end up switching to. If you haven’t gotten the right toilet seat at your disposal just yet, you may want to consider going about doing so right now. I won’t waste much more time, so let’s get into the features of this toilet seat, shall we?

Toilet Seat Features (Everything That Matters)

With this toilet seat, you can easily manage the cleaning and removal of the product. There are twist hinges to make sure that you can put the product on and off with ease, and there are also bolts that remain on the toilet (as opposed to coming off with the seat as well). You can use a damp cloth to pretty much clean the entirety of this toilet seat, and its using durable wood that can be molded to keep everything looking awesome. It’s easy to install, and even easier to enjoy, that’s why I learned to love it almost immediately.

Toilet Seat Con’s

Most toilet seats will have some sort of padding, but since this is based on wood, there really isn’t a lot to keep your but nice and cozy. I mean, obviously it’s better than sitting on the rim of your toilet, right? Nobody wants to do that!

Toilet Seat Pro’s

When you’re using a toilet seat like this one, you never have to wonder whether you’re going to need to clean it within the week. They’re easy to clean, and even easier to actually install on your toilet itself. The twist hinges won’t have you struggling to free the seat from the toilet itself, which is needed when you’re going to go through a cleaning process (a thorough one, anyways). Its made up out of durable molded wood, and also included a very superior high gloss finish that many other toilet seats fail to offer.

 Toilet Seat Summary

It’s a great toilet seat that has put me in the right place on more than a few occasions. It’s never had my butt feel uncomfortable, and every single time I happen to spill a little something on it, it can wash our with haste!

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