Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

How do you like to keep in shape? For some there is nothing better than pounding away on the concrete, slowly running further towards their fitness goals. For others it may be by jumping into a refreshing swimming pool and doing laps until their bodies can give no more. However, for many the preferred way to get in shape is on a bicycle. These incredibly simple yet effective pieces of kit are a fantastic way to tone your body and really get your heart racing. However, there is a lot of choice out there on the market so picking your bike can be a tricky task. Thankfully, we are here to help, and today we will be taking a look at the Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike to see what it can do for you.

What features does it have?

One of the most crucial things for a bike to have is a sturdy frame and the Roadmaster has exactly that. The steel mountain frame has been geometrically designed to ensure easy riding no matter who is on the bike. The 26 inch wheels are big and chunky enough to take you off road safely and securely and the alloy rims help to provide both control and durability. Also included on this bike is a 3-piece mountain crank which offers a wide gear range so you are able to tackle all terrains, and linear brakes which provide great stopping power.

What are the Positives?

For a bike which is at the lower end of the pricing scale where mountain bikes are concerned, this is not a bad bike at all. It is very easy to put together straight out of the box, and once it has been made it will last for a very long time. It is an easy ride and with the chunky tyres, strong brakes and variable gears you are getting a lot for your money. If you want to see how this bike compares to others, check out Bikers’ Basics to weigh up your options.

What’s bad about it?

The complaints about this bike may be small but they are still worth noting. Some customers who have used the Roadmaster have complained that the seat is a little too hard for off road terrains and that they have had to replace it themselves with a more comfortable one. One other thing that has been mentioned is that on occasion there is a screw missing from the box the bike is delivered in, and this has resulted in a replacement being needed. This however does not affect the quality of the bike itself.


If you are looking for a well-priced and well-built bike then this could be the one for you. It is never going to get you to an Olympic cycling standard, but for those who are just starting out in the bike world there are a lot worse places to begin your cycling journey than the Roadmaster.

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

If you’ve had to endure hours, or even days without power at home, you’ll know just how frustrating and even dangerous it can be. No electrical lighting, no wifi and your frozen food is all thawing out! Perhaps it’s time for you to choose a generator. Whether you live in an area prone to brownouts, storms or flooding, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a generator that’s right for you. Let’s take a look at the 7500E by Westinghouse to see if it’s a good fit for you.

What you need to know about the WH7500E

The 7500E is a portable generator powered by gasoline. It weighs just over 200 pounds and has a wheelbarrow design, making it easily portable. With a starting power of 9,000 watts and a running power of 7,500 watts, there are five power outlets including one with dual voltage. The tank holds an impressive 6.6 gallons. There is also an LCD display which can show you how much time is remaining at the current usage.

Is it a good choice for me?

The relatively high power of this Westinghouse generator means it’s probably best put to use as a type of standby generator. The fat that it has five different power outlets means that you can provide electricity to a number of essential appliances. Its portability means that it can be stored away out of sight, for example in a garage while also allowing it to be used for garden parties and so on.

If you’ve never used a generator before, you’ll find this one quite straightforward. It can be started manually or electrically and the LCD shows you how much power and time you have left.

What I like about the WH7500E

This generator is one of a great selection I came across at and in my opinion is one of the best. It’s powerful, sturdy, durable, easy to use, easy to move and has a pleasing blue design. It will give you an impressive twelve hours plus of power, running at 50% – an important figure to consider if you’re stuck with no power at night or don’t have any reserve gas.

It’s also not as noisy as other generators on the market so, if you are going to use it at night, it’s unlikely to keep you awake.

What I don’t really like about it

Some users have reported faults with the 7500E. There are a number of stories about things going wrong when used regularly – bolts blowing, causing problems with sensitive electrical products. Make sure you know where you’d go if you needed to replace a part, as the generator might become useless with just one broken part.

All in all

The most impressive feature of this generator are its power and usability. This is a piece of equipment you can take out of the garage when you see that storm report, knowing that it’s got the power and the capacity to see it out. It’s currently rated with 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon – a glowing reference if there ever was one!

Sun Joe MJ500M Manual Mower

There are thousands of great lawn mowers on the market that could suit your needs, but in the long run cost a fortune to upkeep or maintain. Manual push mower, or reel mowers, are wonderful alternatives to the fumes of a gas powered lawn mower or the recharging of battery for an electric one. Not only do you allow yourself to get an extra bit of exercising but you are also helping to be environmental friendly and keeping your lawn well cut and maintained.

Description of the MJ500M by Sun Joe

This manual mower can do just about any small lawn that you take it for a test run on. It comes in three different cutting widths, sixteen, eighteen, and twenty inch, of course each being respectively priced higher than the original sixteen. It is easy to push and maneuver with handles that fit comfortably in the palm of your hands. The catcher for grass can hold approximately six and a half gallons. It can also detached for cleaning. There are only two wheels on this mower, which both measure approximately eight and half inches each. There are also four different height positions to adjust for desired length.

The Positives of the MJ500M

Many consumers have commented that this is the best Sun Joe lawn mower due to it being very easy to operate and hassle free. It is lightweight which helps many people who wouldn’t be able to use a lawn mower without it being light enough to gradually push. When assembling the manual push mower, consumers have found that it takes little to no effort. The MJ500M only takes up a small amount of storage and can be used on almost any type of grass in almost any location. Consumers are pleased with their results and claim that this mower pays for itself after just a few cuts.

The Negatives of the MJ500M

The MJ500M has had several reviews that pointed to a not so happy consumer. Once purchasing this product, the installation was easy. However, when attempting to use this product, many consumers have found that it is, in fact, harder to push than imagined. Even mowing twice a week, consumers complain that this mower is too hard to operate. People have realized that this mower provides a safer cut for the environment, but the bag does not collect everything as intended. They have also realized that if sticks are cut up or if potholes are hit that the blades will need sharpening afterwards. The plastic gears are also frowned upon.

In Conclusion

Purchasing a lawn mower should not be a daunting task that may or may not produce results. There should always be research done to ensure that the lawn mower you are purchasing fits the needs of up keeping your lawn. Lawns that have an uneven terrain may not be ideal for a manual mower as it will become difficult to continuously push over the terrain. Although, smaller flat yards can be cut with no problem at all by anyone, even those who have conditions that have previously prevented them from cutting their yard.


Not had much luck when it comes to hair straighteners? Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself that your hair is just too thick or wiry for the standard flat irons on the market to be able to improve? Are you still spending a fair amount of money at the salon? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, don’t worry – you’re by no means alone! However, an answer is at hand. Look no further than the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron!

Why is this flat iron different?

Sedu is attempting to fill the gap in the market by creating a flat iron designed specifically for those of us with especially wiry, coarse, thick and wavy hair, typified by those difficult-to-manage curls that other flat irons tend to give up on. They’ve done a pretty good job of it, too!

Let’s learn more about it!

The Sedu Pro Ionic uses ceramic tourmaline technology which has the multiple effects of heating up the plates rapidly and evenly, eliminating the build-up of static electricity and allowing the plates to glide through your hair without pinching or pulling your hair at all.

The 1.5 inch plates are neither small nor large – you’ll be able to straighten your hair more quickly than with smaller plates, but you’ll still be able to add those precision curls and waves without much effort.

Great! What else?

Depending on your requirements, you can adjust the temperature between 235 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The plates should reach the required temperature within half a minute, so there’s no time wasted. By straightening your tresses with just one single pass, you should have all your locks done within about 15 minutes! That’s at least half the time when using similar products.

It’s comfortable to hold and has a lightweight design to eliminate any hand or wrist fatigue while straightening.

Why you should buy it

What a delight to find a flat iron which really works on wiry and coarse hair! Even after days and in humid weather, the results still look good! Sedu haven’t just created a product that works – they’ve created a product which is a joy to use, too – straightforward, quick, light and effective – it’s no wonder there are so many satisfied customers out there.

Why you shouldn’t buy it

That said, no product is perfect, right? While the Sedu Pro Ionic is marketed as a tool for straightening and curling, it’s not as effective as a curler due to the size of the plates. There have also been some complaints about the lifespan of the product – while it may save you on salon visits this year, it’s probably not going to save you for a whole lifetime!

My final word

Amazon customers currently rate the Sedu Pro Ionic with a measly 2.3 stars out of a possible five. Not very good, I hear you say – not very good at all! But at the time of writing there are only 9 reviews, so the rating is likely to get better. I’m still happy to recommend this flat iron, but don’t just take my word for it – it’s been featured elsewhere, too as a candidate for best tourmaline flat iron in 2016.

Philips Sonicare Essence Electric Toothbrush

It may not be considered as such by many, but having good oral hygiene is one of the most important things a person can do to ensure that they stay healthy. When it is thought about from a scientific point of view, the mouth is the place with the easiest access for germs, and once they get in there they can be very difficult to get out. That is why it is of the upmost importance for you to keep your mouth in a good and healthy state. Fortunately this task has been made an awful lot easier as you can get an electric toothbrush to help with this, and today we are going to be looking at the Philips Sonicare Essence Electric Toothbrush.


So tell me what features it has?


This brush manages to pack an awfully large number of features into its relatively small frame, all of which are intended to help you keep your teeth cleaner with the minimum of fuss. Philips claim that this brush can remove up to twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush, and it does this via its patented sonic technology. The dynamic fluid action of the brush helps to clean between teeth and along the gum line, which is an area that people often forget to clean. The brush has a 2 minute built in timer, making it perfect for those who are occasionally forgetful, and the two week battery life is better than most others.


So what are the Positives?

This brush is great for removing plaque thanks to its patented sonic technology, and this is what makes it really stand out from the crowd. It ensures that there is less adhered bacteria in the users mouth, and this then translates to fewer incidents of gum disease. This brush also holds its charge very well, and lasting for two weeks means that you are able to travel or simply use it around the house and it will last long enough to keep you satisfied.


What’s bad about it?

The biggest complaint previous customers have tended to have about the Philips is a small one but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. The handle on the brush has a tendency to gather all of the excess liquids that are associated with brushing your teeth, and if it is not properly maintained then this can cause a build up and be quite unpleasant to deal with. All you have to do to deal with this problem however is to clean the brush after every use and that is not too much to ask!


What’s the conclusion?

The people at Philips have clearly put a lot of thought into their electric toothbrush and it shows. It has a large number of positive points, all of which should make your life a lot easier. There is dedicated technology aimed at helping your teeth remain spotless, the battery lasts for plenty long enough, and the system is incredibly easy to use, so what more could you ask for from your toothbrush!

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lots of people would rather visit a mattress store than order online for the simple fact that you can’t truthfully test out something that is not right there in front of you. Being able to test out each individual mattress before purchasing one is ideal. However, when ordering online, you could save yourself the hassle of going to a large mattress warehouse and overspending on a mattress that may or may not hold its firmness in six months. You can get a memory foam mattress now, and pay for it later with certain websites financial programs, or you can choose to purchase and if you are not 100% satisfied, send it back for an exchange or a refund.

Dimensions and Details of this DreamFoam Gel Mattress

This DreamFoam gel mattress can be purchased in six different sizes with different prices, respectfully. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King are the six different options. Each one has gel memory foam as a layer, with the size of that layer being the same for each size, three inches. There are three different layers including the three inch gel memory foam layer. The others are premium memory foam base and a two inch memory foam pad in between the base and gel layers. It was made in the United States of America out of components from the USA and can be compared to name brands such as Cloud Luxe but at a mere fraction of what it would cost for those name brands.

The Good Reports

Many consumers were concerned about the amount of heat that this mattress would retain. However, to their surprise, this gel mattress is cooler than most even in very hot environments. The structure, a ten inch thick mattress, is durable and very high quality, according to some who have purchased and tested this product. Many people have compared this product to the name brand products that cost double the amount of this one and have said that this gel mattress is just as good, if not better, than those of high priced name brands. For those who live in an apartment or must travel upstairs, the packaging is perfect to do so with little hassle.

The Bad Reports

There have been many bad reports regarding the level of firmness of the mattress. Although the level of firmness is a preference, and not everyone prefers the same type of firmness, it matters to those who may have medical conditions that require their backs to be cradled. Some consumers have found that for couples, this bed is not ideal as it continues to throw each of them towards a center “v” in the bed. Another complaint has been received regarding the cool feature of the bed. It is supposed to be cooler because it has gel infused inside the foam, however, some people have experienced extreme heat when using the mattress.

Choosing the DreamFoam Gel Mattress 

The ideal bed should allow the individual to rest and wake up feeling relaxed and ready for their day ahead. Sometimes this is not the case. However, searching, comparing, and gaining information on each type of bed and how it can support your body and current situation, is ideal. Many have found that with a little bit of waiting, the not so perfect product actually turns out to be ideal.

West Bend 84905 Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker

There are thousands of choices to make when trying to figure out which type of appliance you should purchase. One of the questions your purchase should answer is, does it make cooking easier for you? Another is, is clean up going to take hours? With slow cookers, each one of them bring a different experience to the household, because not all slow cookers are created equal. Some made by name brand companies selling for $100 more than the non-name brand company can have more defects then the less expensive one. This West Bend oblong shaped unit is one of the less expensive slow cookers, but made of good quality parts from West Bend.

Features of the West Bend 84905

Some of the best slow cooker reviews include West Bend products because of their top quality materials and their amazing features. The show cooker and interior stoneware are both oval shaped. The temperature can be adjusted to fit the needs of the cook. The base that is used to heat up the interior stone ware is actually a griddle. It is smaller than the regular griddles but it helps to have an extra spot to quickly prepare food. The pot, once lifted off of the griddle, can be placed in the oven, on the stove, in the refrigerator, and even in the freezer. The glass lid doesn’t even have to be removed.


The 84905 slow cooker has quite a few mentionable strengths that consumers have reported on throughout the years. The newer model can be placed on the stove in order to brown hamburger or other meats in preparation of the slower cooking process. This saves time and helps to prevent from dirtying up unnecessary dishes. The temperature settings have been reported as being perfect. The first three settings are low, medium, and high, whereas the last two settings are solely for the griddle portion.


Several consumers have reported the displacement of the lid. When the product was opened and put together, the lid didn’t seem to fit properly. This caused heat and steam to escape, making things like hams dry. Other consumers report that the low setting isn’t very low at all but the high setting doesn’t cook the foods thoroughly. Both of these could become potential issues within the household and with dinner. The handles are metal which can heat up when the pot is in use. This can cause burns if a pot holder is not used. The difficult with cleaning is limited to the lid, as the space where the metal lining meets the glass is considered to be difficult to get completely clean.

Old to New Slow Cookers

This oblong shaped slow cooker is the newer version of one previously made over twenty years ago. Consumers have mentioned the wonderful experiences with the older versions and are skeptical about the newer one. When considering which slow cooker to purchase, keep in mind that over time some companies do change the materials or the makeup of their products. To be extra cautious and to find out more about this slow cooker and others visit

Recaro ProRIDE Toddler Car Seat

Whether you’re just driving around the corner or taking a long road trip, nothing is more important than the safety of the littlest passengers. With this in mind, Recaro has created the ProRide Todder Car Seat. Perhaps you already have a child’s car seat but you’re worried about the lack of protection it might give during an impact? Or do you already have a super-safe seat but your child can’t get comfortable? In that case it’s time to take a look at the ProRide.

The Recaro ProRide’s features 

This is a sturdy seat designed with toddlers’ comfort and safety in in mind. The impact-protection side-wings are easy to adjust and provide a headrest which prevents your child’s head from drooping as he or she takes a nap. It surpasses American and European safety standards for child car seats in both the rear and forward-facing positions. Not only that, but it is also FAA approved to be used on a plane – in both rear and forward-facing positions!

Let’s take a closer look 

This American-built seat is designed for toddlers – in the rear-facing position the height limit is under 50 inches with a weight limit of 40 pounds. In the forward-facing position it can be used by toddlers who weigh between 20 and 70 pounds and with a height limit of under 50 inches when seated.

The side impact protection not only protects your child’s head and face, but also his or her neck, torso and pelvis. The mesh fabric allows ample air circulation to occur, preventing your child from getting too hot on the journey.

Strong points 

There are plenty of child car seats out there which use impact-protection fabric and have all kinds of neat designs to ensure your child’s safety. However, these features often come at a cost – your child’s comfort. The ProRide combines all these safety features with a design which prevents the toddler from overheating or becoming uncomfortable or crowded in. At the same time, unlike many seats, this seat prevents your child’s head from drooping while sleeping.

It’s easy to install and adjust and a big bonus is that you can take it on a plane, too! Whether you use it in the rear or forward positions, it will make the flight a lot more comfortable and peaceful for your child, yourself and the other passengers!

Not-so-strong points 

I have a couple of minor gripes with the design, for example, it doesn’t have any pockets or even a cup holder – features that a lot of other seats do have, and wouldn’t have been that difficult to include. The fabric can only be washed by hand, too, which takes precious time from time-short parents!

It’s also quite big. If you have a small car, you might struggle to install it securely – this is something you should consider before buying. In fact, several customers have complained of a having a difficult time installing the seat and that could be down to the space available in the car.


The Recaro ProRide is one of several child seats featured and reviewed at, a useful site if you want to compare the pros and cons of different seats. Amazon reviewers currently rate this seat with an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5. Hopefully this review helps you make an informed choice about your child’s car seat! I look forward to hearing your response!


Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

Hard water is caused by excess levels of magnesium and calcium in the water that comes into your home. Whilst you may not think that it affects you in any way shape or form, you may simply not have known about it until now! The problem with hard water is that after an extended period of time, it can cause things such as shower heads and taps to begin to clog up with a build up of lime scale. Fortunately for us all in the modern day there is an easy solution for this problem, and that solution is to buy a water softener. This review is one of many of our expert water softener reviews and it will be looking at one in particular, the Fleck 7000SXT.

So what will it do for me?

This contraption is a whole house water softener, so you don’t have to worry about finding a new appliance for each of the outlets in you home. It is perfect for almost any scenario as it has been designed to work on areas which suffer from very high hard water levels and in households which have a very high water usage! It is the complete system with no flow restrictions, so this little machine will stop hard water from coming into your home.

Is it complicated?

If you are anything like me you wouldn’t have the first idea of how to install a water softener. Well, fortunately Fleck have thought of this and made this particular model very easy to set up. They have provided simple step-by-step instructions and will offer you full support, so this should prevent you from having to send out for a plumber and adding to your expenses. Once the system is up and running you won’t have to touch it and can simply leave it to continue filtering your water.

What are the positives?

This water softener can take on almost any task which is thrown at it. Its high flow valve means that it is perfect for those homes that use a large amount of water and its clever internal design means that it won’t struggle. Fleck has designed it to be easy to install too which only adds to the convenience. The metered, digital controls found on the softener mean that it is efficient too as you can optimise it for your usage levels.

What are the negatives?

There are not too many complaints about this water softener. The predominant one is the fact that some customers have felt the need to call a plumber out to install it, therefore adding to the overall cost of the machine. Whether this is necessary or not is another story entirely, as if you are that way inclined you should not struggle to install this yourself.

What’s the conclusion?

This looks like a very useful little machine. It will help you keep lime scale issues in your house down to a minimum and save you lots of time and worry in the long term as a result. If you are looking for a simple way to clean up your water then I would say the Fleck is a good place to start.


Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer

There is without a doubt a huge list of things that we all hate doing but have to, and cleaning often features very highly on them. It doesn’t matter what it is; cleaning the carpets, washing the windows or even giving the dog a bath, they are all horrible things to have to do. However, there is something on the market which can help with some of the most stubborn of your cleaning needs. Pressure washers are great for those occasions when the car comes back covered in mud or when you are finally giving the garden patio a once over and today I am going to talk you through the benefits of one in particular. In this review I will be looking at the Sun Joe SPX3000, so let’s dive in!

So what features does it have?

Obviously when you purchase a pressure washer the thing that is on the top of your mind is the strength of its water, but the Sun Joe has so much more in the locker than just this. There is a detergent selection dial so you can choose the amount and type of cleaning product you may have used in your pressure washer. The powerful 14.5 amp 1800 Watt motor has more than enough juice to help you clean even the most stubborn of stains or marks, and when this is put with the trigger gun and spray wand holder you may even be able to make cleaning fun….maybe. Fortunately this pressure washer is as versatile as it is powerful and if you choose to place the garden hose adaptor on the end then your plants will be getting a power shower too! Much like a garden hose, there is an area on the side where you can place the trigger gun to ensure that your high pressure hose remains tidy and organised!

What are its good points?

Wash Wisely clearly agreed with the manufactures when they said that this product is bursting with features that you may not expect it to. Not only can it clean your car and sidewalks with no problem at all, but it is also a very versatile piece of kit. It doesn’t matter if you want a hand cleaning the dog or watering the plants in your garden, the Sun Joe has you covered! The parts are made from high quality materials so there should be no risk of breaking, and the people at Sun Joe have even incorporated some anti-leak technology too.

And what are the bad points?

If you had paid for something you would expect it to work and all of the pieces you had paid for to be present right? Well unfortunately this does not seem to be the case with a couple of customers who have purchased the Sun Joe. They have said that parts have gone missing and the machine has failed relatively quickly. Not good.

What’s the conclusion? 

Sun Joe see to have got this machine pretty much spot on. There are an awful lot of positive reviews about how it has made people lives so much easier, and what more could you really want from a pressure washer?