Recaro ProRIDE Toddler Car Seat

Whether you’re just driving around the corner or taking a long road trip, nothing is more important than the safety of the littlest passengers. With this in mind, Recaro has created the ProRide Todder Car Seat. Perhaps you already have a child’s car seat but you’re worried about the lack of protection it might give during an impact? Or do you already have a super-safe seat but your child can’t get comfortable? In that case it’s time to take a look at the ProRide.

The Recaro ProRide’s features 

This is a sturdy seat designed with toddlers’ comfort and safety in in mind. The impact-protection side-wings are easy to adjust and provide a headrest which prevents your child’s head from drooping as he or she takes a nap. It surpasses American and European safety standards for child car seats in both the rear and forward-facing positions. Not only that, but it is also FAA approved to be used on a plane – in both rear and forward-facing positions!

Let’s take a closer look 

This American-built seat is designed for toddlers – in the rear-facing position the height limit is under 50 inches with a weight limit of 40 pounds. In the forward-facing position it can be used by toddlers who weigh between 20 and 70 pounds and with a height limit of under 50 inches when seated.

The side impact protection not only protects your child’s head and face, but also his or her neck, torso and pelvis. The mesh fabric allows ample air circulation to occur, preventing your child from getting too hot on the journey.

Strong points 

There are plenty of child car seats out there which use impact-protection fabric and have all kinds of neat designs to ensure your child’s safety. However, these features often come at a cost – your child’s comfort. The ProRide combines all these safety features with a design which prevents the toddler from overheating or becoming uncomfortable or crowded in. At the same time, unlike many seats, this seat prevents your child’s head from drooping while sleeping.

It’s easy to install and adjust and a big bonus is that you can take it on a plane, too! Whether you use it in the rear or forward positions, it will make the flight a lot more comfortable and peaceful for your child, yourself and the other passengers!

Not-so-strong points 

I have a couple of minor gripes with the design, for example, it doesn’t have any pockets or even a cup holder – features that a lot of other seats do have, and wouldn’t have been that difficult to include. The fabric can only be washed by hand, too, which takes precious time from time-short parents!

It’s also quite big. If you have a small car, you might struggle to install it securely – this is something you should consider before buying. In fact, several customers have complained of a having a difficult time installing the seat and that could be down to the space available in the car.


The Recaro ProRide is one of several child seats featured and reviewed at, a useful site if you want to compare the pros and cons of different seats. Amazon reviewers currently rate this seat with an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5. Hopefully this review helps you make an informed choice about your child’s car seat! I look forward to hearing your response!


Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener

Hard water is caused by excess levels of magnesium and calcium in the water that comes into your home. Whilst you may not think that it affects you in any way shape or form, you may simply not have known about it until now! The problem with hard water is that after an extended period of time, it can cause things such as shower heads and taps to begin to clog up with a build up of lime scale. Fortunately for us all in the modern day there is an easy solution for this problem, and that solution is to buy a water softener. This review is one of many of our expert water softener reviews and it will be looking at one in particular, the Fleck 7000SXT.

So what will it do for me?

This contraption is a whole house water softener, so you don’t have to worry about finding a new appliance for each of the outlets in you home. It is perfect for almost any scenario as it has been designed to work on areas which suffer from very high hard water levels and in households which have a very high water usage! It is the complete system with no flow restrictions, so this little machine will stop hard water from coming into your home.

Is it complicated?

If you are anything like me you wouldn’t have the first idea of how to install a water softener. Well, fortunately Fleck have thought of this and made this particular model very easy to set up. They have provided simple step-by-step instructions and will offer you full support, so this should prevent you from having to send out for a plumber and adding to your expenses. Once the system is up and running you won’t have to touch it and can simply leave it to continue filtering your water.

What are the positives?

This water softener can take on almost any task which is thrown at it. Its high flow valve means that it is perfect for those homes that use a large amount of water and its clever internal design means that it won’t struggle. Fleck has designed it to be easy to install too which only adds to the convenience. The metered, digital controls found on the softener mean that it is efficient too as you can optimise it for your usage levels.

What are the negatives?

There are not too many complaints about this water softener. The predominant one is the fact that some customers have felt the need to call a plumber out to install it, therefore adding to the overall cost of the machine. Whether this is necessary or not is another story entirely, as if you are that way inclined you should not struggle to install this yourself.

What’s the conclusion?

This looks like a very useful little machine. It will help you keep lime scale issues in your house down to a minimum and save you lots of time and worry in the long term as a result. If you are looking for a simple way to clean up your water then I would say the Fleck is a good place to start.


Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer

There is without a doubt a huge list of things that we all hate doing but have to, and cleaning often features very highly on them. It doesn’t matter what it is; cleaning the carpets, washing the windows or even giving the dog a bath, they are all horrible things to have to do. However, there is something on the market which can help with some of the most stubborn of your cleaning needs. Pressure washers are great for those occasions when the car comes back covered in mud or when you are finally giving the garden patio a once over and today I am going to talk you through the benefits of one in particular. In this review I will be looking at the Sun Joe SPX3000, so let’s dive in!

So what features does it have?

Obviously when you purchase a pressure washer the thing that is on the top of your mind is the strength of its water, but the Sun Joe has so much more in the locker than just this. There is a detergent selection dial so you can choose the amount and type of cleaning product you may have used in your pressure washer. The powerful 14.5 amp 1800 Watt motor has more than enough juice to help you clean even the most stubborn of stains or marks, and when this is put with the trigger gun and spray wand holder you may even be able to make cleaning fun….maybe. Fortunately this pressure washer is as versatile as it is powerful and if you choose to place the garden hose adaptor on the end then your plants will be getting a power shower too! Much like a garden hose, there is an area on the side where you can place the trigger gun to ensure that your high pressure hose remains tidy and organised!

What are its good points?

Wash Wisely clearly agreed with the manufactures when they said that this product is bursting with features that you may not expect it to. Not only can it clean your car and sidewalks with no problem at all, but it is also a very versatile piece of kit. It doesn’t matter if you want a hand cleaning the dog or watering the plants in your garden, the Sun Joe has you covered! The parts are made from high quality materials so there should be no risk of breaking, and the people at Sun Joe have even incorporated some anti-leak technology too.

And what are the bad points?

If you had paid for something you would expect it to work and all of the pieces you had paid for to be present right? Well unfortunately this does not seem to be the case with a couple of customers who have purchased the Sun Joe. They have said that parts have gone missing and the machine has failed relatively quickly. Not good.

What’s the conclusion? 

Sun Joe see to have got this machine pretty much spot on. There are an awful lot of positive reviews about how it has made people lives so much easier, and what more could you really want from a pressure washer?

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Bread maker with Gluten Free Menu setting

Now here is a bread maker that has a lot to offer anyone, be it an experienced baker or a complete novice. The Zojirushi home bakery virtuoso is a high end bread maker jam packed with convenient features. This model has many aspects that I find very advantageous when compared to other lower end or cheaper models. If you are looking for a bread mixer that can really do it all, than I believe you may have found your match.

A bread maker packed with features!

One of the features that I found really awesome is the dual blade system that thoroughly mixes even the toughest of dough.  After all, having the dough mixed to the right consistency is essential to making the best tasting bread. Plus using it is very easy as well, just add your ingredients and select the appropriate settings. Viola! Some of the featured setting include basic white bread, wheat breads , sour dough breads, and it even comes with a gluten free bread setting to boot (with adjusted time and temperatures that makes perfected gluten free dough). If gluten free is a big selling point for you, I suggest taking a look at some of the best gluten free bread makers out there before making your final decision.   Equally awesome is how you can use the machine to mix jam, or bake a cake! Actually, with the home made setting you can create parameters for just about anything! There is also a setting that you can use to make crusts for something like pie or pizza; if that’s what you’re into. I personally think the LCD display is really simple to use. I love the digital display and buttons compared to the knobs and dials found on some of the lower quality bread makers. There is also a lid heater that promotes three hundred and sixty degrees of heating from side to side and top to bottom; that’s excellent. On top of that (no pun intended) there is a top down viewer that so you can see just how far along the baking process has come. That way, if you are using the custom setting you can tell if you are accidentally burning your baked goods or not.

 Zoijirushi created an exterior design that doesn’t disappoint or come up short in any department.

The product design is very sleek and well thought out, in particularly the handles that are built onto the non-stick tray. That allows you to pull out the tray and place it on a table or counter without worry of dropping the pan or burning yourself. I also like how the design is so streamlined and practical. The unit itself is not overly large and all the buttons and displays are kept to a limited area. This way you won’t have to be searching all over the place when you want to adjust minor settings.  The LCD display is also capable of telling you just how far along in the process  the baking is actually at, so you can easily know how close you are to a completed product with just a glance. Really nice!

Even more than meets the eye

There are so many advantages to the Zojirushi home bakery virtuoso we could talk about them all day, but they can be easily summed up instead. This machine is very versatile and well rounded.  Capable of doing everything from simple mixing to cooking, and it can still bake all your favorite breads as well. Don’t forget it has those custom gluten free settings as well.   It’s not just your conventional bread makers, rather a kitchen super hero, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Does it have any downfalls?

No huge disadvantages come to mind right off the top of my head! Sure there might be other bread makers out there that can get the job done faster, or may provide more bang for your buck (if you are just trying to save money on bread loafs); but in the end you get what you pay for. And here, you are paying for quality artisan breads made at home.

The final verdict!

It’s a super well rounded bread maker that will keep you baking for months on end. Not only that but it looks nice and modern so there no upscale kitchen on earth that would make it look out of place. More importantly it can do everything you would ever need it to do.  All and all the versatility and quality of this machine seam to justify the price tag.

The World of 3D Printing!

When I decided to venture into the world of 3d printing people are a little concerned with all of the jargon. There are sites out there that have all the information you need; you certainly don’t need to be an IT expert to get good results!

You could also be concerned that 3d printing was going to be an expensive thing to be involved in. You would be pleasantly surprised to find that a printer is available at the price of the XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer. All seemed good on the price side of things but you do need to read some reviews.  A really informative site dedicated to 3d printing called Lady 3D, is really helpful. The site reviews lots of models and from what I read on the site it certainly really helped make my choice.

Machine Details

  • It will print anything within a 20cm X 20cm X 20cm area
  • It has a heated build platform
  • Software runs on windows XP or mac OSX
  • LED screen
  • One-year warranty

This machine is compact and designed with a desktop in mind. Once you have set this up, takes a little longer than a standard printer, it is really simple to use. It scans and prints in colour, so it doesn’t just create 3D prints.

Does it Work?

Before taking on anything serious I decided to play around with it for a while. So I installed their software, which was easy and set it up exactly as the user manuals instructed. The software connected to their server, I went straight to a selection of model plans and picked out a model. You can do this straight from the site.  I chose an STL file of something I wanted to print, popped it into the software and took my leap into the world of 3D printing, I simply followed the instructions.

I have seen all sorts of images and videos on the internet of the results of 3D printing, and some of them were not so good. I started off with a paperclip design, couldn’t really tell what it was so I programmed in an aeroplane. The plane came out as intended and looked good.

Pros and Cons 


  • Great introduction to 3D printing because it is very simple to use
  • The refills of filament are well priced
  • I found it to be idiot proof!


  • You cannot achieve brilliant results when trying print complex designs on this printer, you would need to spend more money on a more technical printer
  • One of the cables inside were loose when I received the printer but after sending an email, the helpdesk called me back within an hour to help me solve this problem 

My Thoughts 

This is a great printer if you are looking to make the less complicated patterns, you won’t get really complex designs to a good finish but all in all it is a great printer for a novice and at this price what more could you expect, great printer that I would definitely recommend!

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

Enjoying Scotch Has Never Felt So Right

I’m a working man, one that likes to kick back and relax whenever he’s got some extra time. I wouldn’t say that I drink scotch all too often, but when it comes to special occasions (and, you know, a few vacation days), there’s nothing I love more than sitting in my leather chair with some scotch. Now, if you’ve ever had a glass for yourself, you know that you’ll need the perfect amount of ice to get into the glass. Without it, your scotch just isn’t going to feel up to par with everything else you see in the movies – and don’t you want to mimic the movies?

Simple and Straight-Forward

Ice makers will always reign supreme over the traditional way of making ice, which would be filling trays up with water and freezing it in the freezer. I’ve never used an ice maker in my life, and when I bought this one, I was a little bit skeptical. I thought it would be very tricky to get used to, but that wasn’t the case at all! I appreciate what the ice maker does for me, and always will.

The “Icy Features”

This is an ice maker that comes with a stainless steel finish, so that you don’t need to be embarrassed about how it actually looks. The ice bucket is one that could be considered “over sized”, as it can hold around 2.2 pounds of ice when completely filled. You can pick between three different ice cube sizes, that being: small, medium and large. You can make ice in just under 6 minutes and there will be 26 pounds of ice being produced every single day of the week (well, if you want it to!).

How to Decide: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Not to Buy

I know there are many other ice makers out there, and some of them are going to tempt you with out of this world features. This is an ice maker that lacks “additional features”, but I doubt that’s something the majority of people are looking for. It made ice, and that was enough for me.

To Buy

I can enjoy my scotch with the perfect amount of ice, every time through. It doesn’t matter when I want one, or even how large I want the cubes to be. Igloo is a brand that I’m hoping to get well acquainted with, although I don’t want my ice maker to be replaced any time soon. It’s portable, too; I’ve found myself taking it over to a friends house on more than one instance.

My Final Say

It’s a great ice maker that will produce reasonable amounts of ice, what else is there to look for? I know you could probably get one that’s a little more “2015”, but you should save all of those extras for your fridge or something! With, perfection is possible, I’m just a helping hand.

Bemis 500EC000 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

Have you ever tried to use the toilet with a proper toilet seat? It feels down right wrong, is just doesn’t seem as if it’s the way you should be handling yourself in the bathroom. If you’re anything like me, you always want to have a pretty good experience when you squat over that bad boy. Toilets aren’t always going to co-operate with their users, but toilet seats leave very little to complain about. If you get one that’s padded, you just might be going overboard – as nobody should plan on spending their entire days on the toilet.

Finding a high quality toilet seat doesn’t have to be the toughest thing you’ve ever gone through. As a matter of fact, it should actually be something that’s relatively easy to handle. If you want to change to a new one, this very well could be the specific product that you end up switching to. If you haven’t gotten the right toilet seat at your disposal just yet, you may want to consider going about doing so right now. I won’t waste much more time, so let’s get into the features of this toilet seat, shall we?

Toilet Seat Features (Everything That Matters)

With this toilet seat, you can easily manage the cleaning and removal of the product. There are twist hinges to make sure that you can put the product on and off with ease, and there are also bolts that remain on the toilet (as opposed to coming off with the seat as well). You can use a damp cloth to pretty much clean the entirety of this toilet seat, and its using durable wood that can be molded to keep everything looking awesome. It’s easy to install, and even easier to enjoy, that’s why I learned to love it almost immediately.

Toilet Seat Con’s

Most toilet seats will have some sort of padding, but since this is based on wood, there really isn’t a lot to keep your but nice and cozy. I mean, obviously it’s better than sitting on the rim of your toilet, right? Nobody wants to do that!

Toilet Seat Pro’s

When you’re using a toilet seat like this one, you never have to wonder whether you’re going to need to clean it within the week. They’re easy to clean, and even easier to actually install on your toilet itself. The twist hinges won’t have you struggling to free the seat from the toilet itself, which is needed when you’re going to go through a cleaning process (a thorough one, anyways). Its made up out of durable molded wood, and also included a very superior high gloss finish that many other toilet seats fail to offer.

 Toilet Seat Summary

It’s a great toilet seat that has put me in the right place on more than a few occasions. It’s never had my butt feel uncomfortable, and every single time I happen to spill a little something on it, it can wash our with haste!

Conair Pro Styler Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

It seems as if the “Ionic” trend is becoming more and more popular these days, because hair dryers are promoting themselves as being Ionic-based left and right. There’s nothing wrong with that, and as a matter of fact, a lot of people are happy with the trend.
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Fire Sense Unpainted Patio Heater

I am one of those people that is always cold! I was born and raised in a tropical country and moved to colder climes in my late-teens. I have never been able to adjust to the colder temperatures, even though where I live now is not a cold place. I always love the great outdoors and relaxing on my patio in the evening, but even amidst the summer, I still feel the chill, until I purchased an online portable heater of course!
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Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine

If you are looking for convenient, easy to use ideas for keeping fit that have minimum impact on your time but maximum impact on your health, I would recommend purchasing the Stamina Avari easy glide rowing machine. I wanted to keep fit but didn’t have much time with my work and family commitments so this was a thankful and inspired buy.
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